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In order to provide the best service and lesson fit, we prefer to schedule lessons by email or phone. Please contact Teresa at 540-717-0121 or email northstarstablesnova@gmail.com

Our lesson program focuses on total horsemanship, on the ground and in the saddle. We believe that knowledge gives us the power to care for these magnificent beasts so they live a long, healthy life. Students will learn how to groom, tack, and care for the needs of their individual horse. 

We are only able to accept students that wish to ride at least once weekly.



Yes, the little ones can ride! We offer 30 minute private leadline lessons for our youngest horse  (or pony) enthusiasts! Lessons are adapted to the needs of each student and contain a mix of on the ground and in the saddle. Miniature horses and ponies are used for our preschool program. Available for ages 2-6.


Parents will be required to assist as a horse leader if necessary (we will train you!).




Private lessons are available in increments of 45 and 60 minutes. Lessons are based on the principles of classical dressage - riding for the well-being of the horse. All students start on a leadline or lunge line and lessons are focused on building strength and a balanced seat. Available for ages 5-adult. All beginner lessons are private only. Students have the opportunity to graduate into small group lessons. Small group lessons cost $45-55.  

From $60


Small Group


We offer 45 minute preschool  leadline lessons for our youngest horse  (or pony) enthusiasts! This is one of our favorite lessons, we love seeing the kids work and learn together! Our small groups are 2-4 students, a great size for interaction and learning! The lesson includes horse care and riding. Available for ages 2-6.


Parents will be required to assist as a horse leader if necessary (we will train you!).




Therapeutic riding lessons are offered so that we can support people of all abilities in the saddle. This option is for riders with medical, mental, or emotional diagnoses and follows the same curriculum as our "typical" lessons. Scholarships are available for families in need. Therapeutic riding is available for ages 4-adult.

Learn more about our Therapeutic Riding Program here!

From $45