Who can ride?

  • We accept riders aged 2 through adult. Riders without developmental delays can ride as young as 2. 

  • PATH Intl, the premier certifying body for equine assisted activities, requires we wait to provide mounted therapeutic riding lessons until age 4 due to the possibility of global developmental delays slowing cranial closure.

  • We are happy to provide unmounted therapeutic lessons prior to age 4.

  • Our weight limit is set with the safety of our horses in mind. At this time our horses can safely carry up to 180 pounds. 

  • We must verify that we can safely mount and dismount every rider before accepting him/her into our therapeutic riding program. Please talk to Teresa to make sure we can provide a safe riding environment for your participant!


What does a lesson look like?

  • Every lesson is adapted to the individual needs of the rider, but the general structure is as follows:

    1. Groom and tack the horse​

    2. Unmounted balance activities for the horse

    3. Ride time

    4. Cool down

    5. Untacking

  • Lesson length always includes the above structure. Once a student is proficient in grooming and tacking he/she can arrive early and get started so the horse is ready at the start of the lesson. 


Will I have the same horse and instructor each week?

  • At this time Teresa is the only instructor so you will have the same instructor every week. We do, however, reserve the right to bring in a substitute instructor or shift you to a newly hired instructor if necessary.

  • Unless a student is leasing a horse we do not guarantee the same horse every week. Every horse has strengths that riders will benefit from at different points in their riding journey. 


What do I have to wear?

  • To keep costs low we just ask that families purchase their own ASTM certified equestrian helmet (non-equestrian helmets are not safe for riding) and boots with a low heel. Students that are unable to wear riding boots due to orthoses are welcome to wear closed-toed shoes and we will use safety stirrups.

  • We are happy to lend a riding helmet for the first lesson. 

  • You must always wear long pants while riding.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Please read our "Policies" page first and come back here for any unanswered questions!