Our greatest area of need is funds to care for our horses during the covid-19 closures. 

North Star Stables NOVA is a 501(c)3 organization that offers equine activities to both able-bodied and differently-abled for their emotional, physical, and mental health. Your donations allow us to cover the gap between what families can afford and what our services cost. We greatly appreciate your generosity!

What we accept:

  • Horse and stable gear - tack, blankets, tools, etc.

  • Horses - our criteria for accepting horse donations and free leases is extensive, but we are happy to chat about whether your equine may be a good fit!

  • Riding attire 

  • Financial contributions

Donors will be provided with a receipt for tax deduction.

Please consider supporting our equine partners while our programs are halted to protect our community from covid-19. Your donations will help off set the cost of:

1. Grain and supplements - our current feed bill is about $300 monthly
2. Hay - $200 per month
3. Veterinary care - Continuing to pay for Apple's and Colby's emergency medical costs, in addition all horses are due for their Spring shots and physicals in April/May - we expect these costs to be around $2500
4. Dental exams and teeth float - Yearly exams and dental care are due in April/May, we expect the cost to be around $400
5. Farrier services - $370 monthly to keep our horses trimmed and shod

Thank you so much for thinking of us! Your donation will help us maintain the highest level of care and training for our equine partners. Our horses have a valuable job, helping the next generation of riders and leaders grow in empathy and strength, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

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