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Support Our Community!

Tater Tot and Rita July 2020 barn open.j

We are proud to offer scholarships to members of our community. We aim to keep a healthy scholarship fund, we never want to turn away a rider due to financial need!

As we improve our facility we ask for monetary donations for scholarships, fencing material, arena footing, equine care and training, and the ability to add additional staff.

In the past year your donations have helped with 

1. Scholarships

2. Barn roof replacement

3. Arena Improvements

4. New equine team members

North Star Stables NOVA is a 501(c)3 organization that offers equine activities to both able-bodied and differently-abled for their emotional, physical, and mental health. Your donations allow us to cover the gap between what families can afford and what our services cost. We greatly appreciate your generosity!

What we accept:

  • Riding attire 

  • Financial contributions

  • Horses - our criteria for accepting horse donations and free leases is extensive, but we are happy to chat about whether your equine may be a good fit!

  • Horse and stable gear - tack, blankets, tools, etc.

Donors will be provided with a receipt for tax deduction.

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