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Dress Code

Long pants, boots with low heel (NO RAIN BOOTS), and ASTM RIDING helmet. Bike helmets, ski helmets, etc. are not approved for riding and are not allowed. Clothing should be close-fitting to prevent snags, no hoodies, tassel, drawstrings. Dress code also applies to parent/guardian when assisting with horses. North Star has limited helmets for students to borrow for their first four lessons. Closed toes shoes (instead of the require boots) are allowed for your first lesson, once committed to a lesson time boots must be worn. Your consideration of this rule is greatly appreciated to help us decrease our sanitary and safety stirrup work load. Flip flops and open-toed shoes are not permitted around horses for your safety. 

Behavior Code

All on-site persons must obey our behavior code: no running or screaming around horses, no climbing fences, no entering horse fields without an instructor’s express permission (you must ask every time), no inappropriate language, no horse abuse, and no bullying. Refusal to comply with behavior code is cause for dismissal.

Lesson Scheduling and Payment

To reserve a weekly lesson time you will pay upfront for the month before that month’s first lesson. When committing to a weekly time please note that, with advance notice (36+ hours), we allow one makeup per month. We do not offer a refund for missed lessons, but will work with you, to the best of our ability, to find a makeup lesson time for only one missed lesson monthly (as long as 36+ hours notice is given). We cannot accommodate more than one missed lesson monthly and lesson fees will be forfeited for second, third, and fourth missed lessons. Invoices for lesson fees will be emailed through QuickBooks. North Star accepts check, cash, or online bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy

·       Our facility offers mostly private lessons so our cancellation policy is necessarily stringent. Notice of need to reschedule must be provided 36 hours in advance or lesson fee will be forfeited. Exceptions only for emergency situations. Lessons cancelled 36+ hours in advance must be made up within 4 weeks of cancellation or lesson fee will be forfeited.

Inclement Weather Policy

Lessons will not be cancelled for inclement weather UNLESS the weather is dangerous (i.e. thunderstorms, high winds ,etc.). If the weather is inappropriate for a mounted lesson, but not dangerous, an unmounted lesson will be conducted. In the event of cancellation due to weather, we will find a time to makeup the lesson. If you do not receive a message about lesson cancellation your lesson is still on!

Rider Dismissal

A rider can be dismissed from the program for continued failure to observe safety protocols, abuse of horses or other farm animals, continued inappropriate behavior to other riders, staff, or volunteers, or other unforeseen actions of a serious nature. Dismissal will occur only after prior official warnings. A rider can similarly be dismissed from the program if a family member fails to observe safety protocols.

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